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Photography by Malvina Photo

snow queen

Good morning trulovers!  I have oodles of inspiration coming up for you this week and especially if you are newly engaged, you will find lots of ideas and style to help you work out your wedding theme.

Here is the UK it has been a rather grey and rainy January so far, so I am loving today’s Snow Queen Wedding Inspiration from the South of France shot by Malvina Photo.  Inspired by the Disney film Frozen, Malvina Molnar and Amandine from Be Lovely created a styled shoot showcasing the elegance of a winter wedding, full of texture and delicate detailing.  Not to mention creating a winter wedding and snowy atmosphere in the South of France is quiet a challenge!

French Wedding Style – Photography © Malvina Photo

childrens fairytale

flower meadowqueen bridal crownthrough the window ring in iceMalvina and Amandine take us through the inspiration and process behind today’s wedding styled shoot: “We started planning this shot while it was still 30 degrees plus outside, so our need for fresh air and cold weather guided us through the elaboration of the theme… We quickly came up with some keywords and a color scheme: ice, frost, blue, white and silver. It can be tricky to pinpoint the right colors and items because you can quickly go into something Christmassy or choose a wrong shade of blue that feels more tropical than winter.

silver shoes bouquetwhite rabbitwinter bridesnow queen weddingsnow queen bride

Now the obvious problem was that it rarely snows in Southern France, so finding the right location with the best winter feeling was key. We contacted Ute, the owner of the Château de Roquelune, as I knew the castle had an elegant orangery which, with its large windows, would perfectly let the cold winter light in.  And what better way to say queen than in her own winter wedding castle.

white blue floral displaywinter wedding tablewinter wedding decorationssnow queen stationerywhite flowersunicorn weddingblue white flowerswinter tablesetting

Charlotte had just opened her bridal shop Olympe when we got in touch with her. She chose three amazing dresses by designer Sarah Seven and we went on to create the queen’s crown to evoke ice and sparkle.

boho winter weddinglong bridal plaitwinter bridesmaids bouquetswinter wedding bouquetbridal bouquet winterwedding personalised tea

Cyril, our florist, played a major role in creating the throne scene with Amandine who  created the stationary and some decorative items like the snow globes and the snow stars on the glasses. They chose an opulent  white and blue theme with an abundance of flowers and plants, and a style at once modern and festive for the stationary. When going for a white theme, it is important to play with textures: we used mat, reflective, sparkly, furry, soft or translucent items on the table to avoid any impression of monotony.

evening bridedramatic bridal makeupdark snow queensnow queen comes

For the hair and make-up we decided to have two distinct styles: one by day and one by night, to give the bride a choice and also show that, yes, you can have two styles for your wedding! For the daytime, we chose romantic hairstyles with braids and we went a little bit over the top with accessories in the hair. Cyrille, our hairdresser, did an incredible job at creating sophisticated, but natural-looking updoes. For the evening, we did something more fashion-forward to go with the party mood! Finally, Caroline, the makeup artist,  created looks that can suit brides who like just to enhance their natural beauty and brides who want something more colorful.”

The shoot was created by local artists and if you feel the need for a theme tune listen to Ice Queen.

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Adult gowns: Sarah Seven by Olympe, Montpellier
Dress (child): Pauline from Les Petits Inclassables
Wedding rings:Alliances Antipodes, Montpellier
Make-up: Caroline
Hairstyling: Cyrielle de Kali Style
Photographer: Malvina Photo
Flowers: Cyrille from Nature des sens, Montpellier
Location:Château de Roquelune, Pézenas
Paper goods:  Amandine de Be Lovely
Models: Jade, Sonia, Sabine and Margaux (with her rabbit)


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A whimsical white wedding inspirational photoshoot inspired by Disney’s latest installment, Frozen.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-7

From a young age I dreamed of the perfect white wedding, and I don’t think I was alone. So today’s inspirational shoot is for all the little girls inside us who dream of a whimsical fairytale with a little bit of sparkle and of course a Prince Charming. Led by the talented Nadia Meli, who was over come with inspiration while watching Disney’s latest instalment, Frozen (which I have to admit I haven’t seen, but after seeing today’s pics, I defo will be checking it out). This gorgeous shoot takes inspiration from classic old-fashioned romance, and if you’re thinking of an on-trend all-white wedding, you’ll adore this…

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-24

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-4

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-47

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-48Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-49

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-51

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-6

Nadia saw how the Princess Elsa from Frozen transformed into that beautiful Snow Queen and immediately I thought, that would be a fantastic look for a bride and her vision created the most beautiful photo shoot.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-33

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-64


Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-65Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-67

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-20

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-54Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-55

There are two stand out elements that embody the enchanted fairy tale vision of  this beautiful shoot and they are the dress and the flowers. The incredible leaf embellished and swoon worthy dress, is from the Pronovias collection at Flamenco Munich  and the talent team behind the styling and flowers were Ivy & Olive.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-2

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-30Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-31

There is a wonderfully  intimate atmosphere throughout the shoot that reminds me of the hidden world of Narnia, except these two didn’t just climb out of a wardrobe! The incredible location is Das Tegernsee in Germany and the mountainous region is simply stunning.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-45

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-46

If your thinking of a minimalist white wedding, start with the stationery, you can get creative white shapes and motifs and add muted tones and ribbon to accessories.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-62Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-63

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-11

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-9Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-10

I’m smitten with this table setting, mercury glass vases, white and green flowers and silver place settings, stunning and impactful using very little colour.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-8

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-12Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-13

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-17

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-36Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-59

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-16

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-5

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-14

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-15

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-26Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-27

The dress is incredible and such a show stopper, by adding a simple one flower anemone bouquet it balances out perfectly. One flower bouquets are a beautiful idea and work very well just take a look at our One Flower Bridal Bouquets post.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-44

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-32

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-28Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-29

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-40

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-38

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-41Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-42

Well I’m sure you’ll agree that was one epic swoon worthy feast to look at this morning! A big thank you to Nadia Meli for sharing her beautiful work with us today.

Nadia Meli-Disney's Frozen Inspiration-23

For all you brides in Germany, these talented people might be very helpful…




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