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It seems like every time we turn around there’s a new Harry Potter tribute at a wedding, and we seriously love it, being big #Potterheads ourselves (shh, don’t tell!). From brooms instead of bouquets, to Goblet of Fire-themed signature cocktails there’s always a fresh take on the J.K. Rowling classic fantasy novel. There’s just something immediately fun-loving about a Harry Potter wedding — if you’ve gone to one, I’m sure you’ve had a blast with all the accouterments.

Courtney and Basil, who recently had a full-blown Harry Potter wedding at the Andaluz in Albuquerque even gave out hand-made HP wands to each and every guest. “It was an arduous task, but it was all worth it to see all of the adults dueling at the wedding!” says Courtney. Sounds absolutely magical.

We’re big proponents here of stamping your very unique personality onto your wedding and nothing screams personal like a quirk-filled Harry Potter soiree. See our favorite new Harry Potter wedding ideas, from a (completely realistic) Sorting Hat cake to potion-themed decorations, below.

A Sorting Hat Wedding Cake

Harry Potter Sorting Hat wedding cake groom's cake

Seriously, how real does this Sorting Hat cake look? Displayed along-side cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, it certainly stands out.

From the album: An Elegant Gold and Ivory Wedding at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey

Harry Potter House-Themed Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Outfits — With Brooms!

Hogwarts houses wedding party

The bride and groom each had four attendants, so they had to have one girl and guy from each Hogwards house! Two Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Griffyndors and Slytherins (ew!) stood up with the bride and groom at the altar and carried brooms in lieu of bouquets.

From the album: A Whimsical, Harry Potter-Themed Wedding at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hogwarts: A History Harry Potter Groom’s Cake

Hogwarts: A History Harry Potter groom's cake

This groom’s cake looks like a verified Hogwarts textbook, which is good, since it was inspired by one! Would Hermione be fooled, though?

From the album: An Organic, Natural Wedding at Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas

Harry Potter Wand Wedding Favors

Harry Potter wand wedding favors

In search of a fun, Harry Potter DIY wedding idea? Consider giving each attending guest a wand fit for Ollivander’s wand shop.

From the album: A Whimsical, Harry Potter-Themed Wedding at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Classy Champagne and Bourbon Harry Potter Signature Cocktails

Harry Potter signature cocktails

Signature drinks at Nicole and Nkosi’s cocktail hour were called “Berry Potter” (fabulous pun), which was a mix of champagne, raspberry lemonade and vodka, and “Tumbler of Fire,” which was mixed with bourbon.

From the album: A Romantic, Sophisticated Wedding at Greystone Hall in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Potions Class Reception Table Decor

Harry Potter potions decor

Eye of Newt and Witch’s Brew were just a few of the potions that were readily available at Courtney and Basil’s reception. Used as decor on the tables, the vessels added color and thematic interest to the ballroom, we just hope they didn’t steal them from Professor Snape’s personal store.

From the album: A Whimsical, Harry Potter-Themed Wedding at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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The wedding we have for you today is a story of destiny.  Seem and Chris grew up inches apart and never knowing each other until fate brought them together.  Pull up the popcorn, this is practically a movie romance.

Interracial Hindu Wedding | Photographick Studios.1 width=

According to the photographer, Sunny  Mathur of Photographick Studios, Chris and Seema lived in the same small town, went to the same arcades, restaurants and even shopped at the same mall. Yet they never met.

Interracial Hindu Wedding | Photographick Studios.6 width=

They finally met in high school through a mutual friend. And although they met they were simply friends on two different sides of town living two different lives. They went to separate high schools and were moving in two different directions – “Seema wanted to be in the medical profession and Chris was an artist at heart.” As high school started and college followed – they moved in different directions.

Interracial Hindu Wedding | Photographick Studios.10 width=

It wasn’t until Chris got a job at the Washington Post and Seema moved to D.C. to take a job at the Georgetown Hospital did they finally reconnect through Facebook. Chris noticed that Seema was moving to DC and offered to show her around D.C., help her find a place to live and answer any questions she may have.

Seema couldn’t refuse such a generous offer and met up with Chris in Dupont Circle the night she moved into the city.  Sparks flew as they instantly connected and well six years later they are getting married.

Interracial Hindu Wedding | Photographick Studios.18 width=

Seema and Chris’s wedding took place at the Longview Gallery Wedding in Washington, D.C. where family and friends watched Seema and Chris tie the knot.

Interracial Hindu Wedding | Photographick Studios.22 width=

Such a gorgeous wedding and such a gorgeous couple!  Seema and Chris we wish you all the luck ahead (but since the universe seems to be working in your favor, you probably won’t need it).

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: A Sweet Soriee

Wedding Venue: Longview Gallery Wedding

Makeup Artist: Bridal Elegance by Suman Kholsa

Decorator: As U Wish

DJ: Planet DJ’s

Caterer: Spilled Milk

Transportation: Reston Limo

Furniture Rental: AFR Furniture

Security: Massive Entertainment

Photography: Photographick Studios

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In so many of my posts I talk about the importance of showing your personality in your wedding. People want to go to a wedding that really represents the couple and their relationship. So perhaps a themed wedding is for you… and maybe even…. a Harry Potter Themed wedding. Here is a classy take on this pop culture series.

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Images courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com,  Bridal guide.com,www.capitolromance.com & www.chacha.com

Source: http://missmyrvold.com/2014/02/04/harry-potter-themed-wedding/

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