17 Drunk Foods That Make Amazing Wedding Snacks


1. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters

Andi Mans Photography / Via Kimberly McFadden of Chalk Shop Events

Here is a perfect excuse to have a shot glass in hand all night. If things get sloppy, you can always fill it with your next drink. Get the recipes here.

2. French Fries

French Fries

Larissa Cleveland Photography / Via larissacleveland.com

Serve greasy deliciousness and save your friends a trip to the drive-through at 4 AM. Get the recipe here.

3. One-Bite Pretzels

One-Bite Pretzels

Adrianna Adarme / Via acozykitchen.com

Because your mouth has better things to do (like lip synch to Spice Girls). Get the recipe here.

4. Meatball Sliders

Nicole; Brown Sugar Mama

Nicole; Brown Sugar Mama

Since using a fork is out of the question. Get the recipe here.

5. Funnel Cakes

Funnel Cakes

Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson / Via abeautifulmess.com

The bride wears white for a reason, which is to hide powdered sugar stains. Get the recipe here.

6. Chili Cheese Dogs

Chili Cheese Dogs

Adrianna Adarme / Via acozykitchen.com

Line trays with red-and-white patterned napkins and pile on the cheesy deliciousness. Get the recipe here.

7. Hot Biscuits

Hot Biscuits

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Because how cute would it be to serve them at a post-wedding brunch?! Get the recipe here.

8. All The Pizzas

All The Pizzas

Joe Tobiason / Via jtobiason.com

Your friends will hope that you get divorced only for you to remarry and make this happen all over again. Get 50 easy pizza recipes here.

9. Mini Reuben Sandwiches

Mini Reuben Sandwiches

Judith Hannemann / Via bakeatmidnite.com

For anyone who’s ever lived in New York. Get the recipe here.

10. Chicken and Waffle Bites

Chicken and Waffle Bites

For when it’s gotten so late that you can’t tell whether dinner or breakfast is appropriate. Get the recipe here.

11. Meat Pies

Meat Pies

Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography / Via danieltaylorphoto.com

Because they pair beautifully with beer! Get the recipe here.

12. Grilled Pimento Cheese

Grilled Pimento Cheese

Bri Jatlow / Via bitesofbri.com

Because you’re going to need more after the grilled cheese shooters. Get the recipe here.

13. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

According to Clueless: “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” Get creative topping recipes here.

14. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Karly Campbell / Via bunsinmyoven.com

For when holding a slice starts to get complicated. Get the recipe here.

15. Tater Tots

Tater Tots

Paul Poplis/FoodPix / Getty Images / Via indecisionforever.com

Nothing else matters except for the 27 different recipes that you can get here.

16. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Because each piece comes with an easy-to-hold handle. Get the recipe here.

17. Donuts


To ensure that you will go down in history for having the best wedding ever! Get the recipe here.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo/drunk-food-wedding-snacks#.lsb9KBPrR

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